The Cotton Gnome

	A king shal rule.	Cities are to be seen far off,
cunning work of giants, which are on the earth,
wondrous work of wall-stones. Wind is swift in the sky,
thunder is loudest at seasons. The glories of Christ are great.
5 Fate is strongest. Winter is coldest;
spring most frosty; it is longest cold;
summer most fair with sunshine; the sun is hottest;
autumn most glorious; it brings to men
the fruits of the year which God sends them.
10 Truth is plainest; treasure is most precious,
gold for all men, and the aged man most wisest,
old in years gone by, who before endured many things.
Woe is wondrous clinging. The clouds go on their way.

Translated by R.K.Gordon (Anglo-Saxon Poetry Selected and Translated. London 1934)